The People of Cottesmore:
The Hollis Family

The Hollis family have lived in the village for many generations. They have farmed on the Exton Estates for over 150 years and is the only farmer still working in the village at Manor Farm. They were also builders having built Hambleton Hall and the Oakham Post Office (not the current one) They played their part in the community, being involved at both county and parish level as well as being on various organisation. Below we can follow the family tree over that period and see the many strands.

The Hollis Family Tree


The first recorded HOLLIS in Cottesmore is THOMAS 1786-1845. Where he was born is uncertain. It is known that his first marriage was to ELEANOR BIDDLE 1791-1814 at Melton Mowbray in 1811. ELEANOR was buried at Whissendine. They had one daughter, MARY who was born at Whissendine in 1814 and died the same year aged 3 months. THOMAS married for a second time at Melton Mowbray in 1816 to ELIZABETH BREX 1790-1870, she being born at Rotherby, Leics. and buried at Cottesmore.

When living at Cottesmore, THOMAS was a Blacksmith and ELIZABETH a Grocer & Draper. (It is reported that on 20 October, 1826 Thomas was fined 20s. for a violent assault on Elizabeth Watkin of the Fox and Hounds public house, Cottesmore).

THOMAS HOLLIS & ELIZABETH BREX had the following children:
1A)      FRANCES 1817-1898
2A)      WILLIAM 1819-1888
3A)      HARRIET c.1821-1890
4A)      HENRY 1824-1897
5A)      GEORGE 1825-
6A)      JOHN TOON 1830-1832
7A)      JOHN TOON 1834-1871

1A)      FRANCES HOLLIS, born 1817 at Cottesmore. Died 1898 at Whittlesey, Cambs. Married 1839 at Cottesmore to WILLIAM GREGORY c.1800-1868, born Buckminster, Leics. and died at Stamford. His occupation was a Builder and Surveyor.

2A)      WILLIAM HOLLIS, born Cottesmore 1819. Married 1840 at Cottesmore to ELIZABETH LAXTON c.1818-1899, born and died at Cottesmore. WILLIAM was a Blacksmith and Coal Merchant.

WILLIAM HOLLIS & ELIZABETH LAXTON had the following children:
1B)      HARRIET c.1841-1931
2B)      WILLIAM LAXTON c.1843-1877
3B)      ANNA c.1846-1846
4B)      SAMUEL c.1847-1917
5B)      JOHN THOMAS c.1849-1873
6B)      GEORGE c.1852-
7B)      HANNAH ELIZA c.1854-1917
8B)      ALFRED HENRY 1858-1859
9B)      ALFRED HENRY c.1860-1894

3A)      HARRIET HOLLIS, born c.1821 at Cottesmore and died Cottesmore 1890. She was unmarried and was a Grocer and Draper.

4A)      HENRY HOLLIS, born Cottesmore 1824 and died Cottesmore 1897. Married 1848, Grantham District to MARY CHRISTIAN c.1820-1904 of Sewstern, Leics. HENRY was a Builder, Brick and Tile Manufacturer and was responsible for the building of Ashwell Hunt accommodation in 1889 at a cost of £6,777.

HENRY HOLLIS & MARY CHRISTIAN had the following children:
1C)      FANNY 1849-1853
2C)      ELIZABETH 1850-
3C)      THOMAS 1853-1887
4C)      JOHN 1855-1949
5C)      MARY CHRISTIAN 1857-1934
6C)      HEDLEY 1859-
7C)      ANNIE 1861-1945
8C)      HELENA FANNY 1866-1952

5A)      GEORGE HOLLIS, born 1825 at Cottesmore. Date and place of death unknown. Married MARY JANE BARNARD, c.1833-1912 in 1861 at Bourne District, Lincs. She born Little Bytham, Lincs. and died Bourne District. In 1861, GEORGE was a Draper of High St., Stamford.

6A)      JOHN TOON HOLLIS, born 1830 and died 1832 at Cottesmore.

7A)      JOHN TOON HOLLIS, born 1834 at Cottesmore and died 1871 at Peterborough, where he was a Publican at the Palmerston Arms. His first marriage was in 1857 in Surrey to HARRIET LAMBERT c.1829-1866; she born at Sheffield and died Norton, Derbys. JOHN
Married again in 1867 at Cottesmore to HARRIET LAXTON c.1824-1900; she born Cottesmore and died Dorking District, Surrey. After the death of her husband, HARRIET became a Lodging House Keeper in Hove, Sussex.

JOHN TOON HOLLIS & HARRIET LAXTON had the following children:
1D)      FREDERICK JOHN c.1859-1931
2D)      ARTHUR WILLIAM c.1860-
3D)      FLORENCE ELIZABETH c.1862-1902
4D)      WILLIAM RICHARD c.1863-1957

1B)      HARRIETT HOLLIS, born c.1841 at Cottesmore and died 1931 at Oakham. Married 1870 at Cottesmore to JOHN EDWARD BARNES c.1840-1914, born Barrow and died in 1914 at Oakham. JOHN was a Carriage and Motor Body Builder in Mill St., Oakham.

2B)      WILLIAM LAXTON HOLLIS, born c.1843 and died 1877 at Cottesmore. Married in 1869 at Oakham to SARAH HANNAH MITCHELL c.1841-1930 of Stamford. She died in Wales. In 1878, SARAH HANNAH married again at Wolverhampton District to ALFRED PREEDY c.1841-1921, born Souldren, Oxon. and died Dudley, W. Midlands. ALFRED PREEDY was a Tobacco Merchant in Dudley.

3B)      ANNA HOLLIS, born and died in 1846 at Cottesmore.

4B)      SAMUEL HOLLIS, born c.1847 at Cottesmore and died in 1917 at Carlton Hayes Hospital, Whetstone, Leics. He was an unmarried Butcher and prior to his death was described as a lunatic.


5B)      JOHN THOMAS HOLLIS, born c.1849 at Cottesmore and died 1936 at Cottesmore. Married 1873 at Ashwell to MARY ANN TIDD c.1847-1935, born at Ashwell and died at Cottesmore. JOHN started his working life in Cottesmore as a Blacksmith and later became a Farmer.

JOHN THOMAS HOLLIS & MARY ANN TIDD had the following children:
1E)      BEATRICE ELIZABETH c.1874-1896
2E)      MARIETTE HANNH c.1877-1962
3E)      WILIAM HENRY c.1879-1959
4E)      HAROLD ARTHUR c.1882-1977
5E)      JOHN CECIL c.1883-1918
6E)      CHARLES c.1886-

6B)      GEORGE HOLLIS, born c.1852 at Cottesmore. Place and date of death unknown. Married 1876 at Upwell, Norfolk to MARY WHITEHEAD c.1855-1924 of Upwell and died Peterborough District. GEORGE was a Baker of Bakehouse Row, Farcet, Hunts.

GEORGE HOLLIS & MARY WHITEHEAD had the following children:
1F)       WILLIAM LAXTON c.1878-1930
2F)       MILDRED MARY c.1881-
3F)       JOHN HENRY c.1889-
4F)       HARRY WHITEHEAD c.1893-

7B)      HANNAH ELIZA HOLLIS, born c.1854 at Cottesmore and died in 1917 at Helpston, Northants. Married in 1891 at Oakham District to WILLIAM SPRINGTHORPE GARFOOT c.1859-1945, born Cottesmore and died Peterborough District. WILLIAM was a Farmer at Helpston.

8B)      ALFRED HENRY HOLLIS, born 1858 at Cottesmore and died 1859 at Cottesmore, aged 15 months.

9B)      ALFRED HENRY HOLLIS, born c.1860 at Cottesmore and died in 1894 at Greetham. Married 1882 at Peterborough District to MARY SENESCALL, c.1856-1929, born and died at Greetham. ALFRED was a Butcher in Cottesmore and later in Great Lane, Greetham. MARY was a Pork Pie Maker in Greetham.

1G)      WILLIAM ALFRED c.1883-
2G)      ARCHIBALD HUGH c.1887-1948

1C)      FANNY HOLLIS, born 1849 at Cottesmore and died in 1953 at Cottesmore, aged 4 years 5 months.

2C)      ELIZABETH HOLLIS, born 1850 at Cottesmore. Place and date of death unknown. Married in 1882 at Cottesmore to JOSEPH EDWIN SEATON, born c.1852 at Bottesford, Leics. Place and date of death unknown. Last known address (1911) – 4 Queens Wood Ave., Highgate, M’sex., when JOSEPH is described as a Managing Clerk of a Drapery Warehouse.

3C)      THOMAS HOLLIS, born 1853 at Cottesmore and died 1933 in the Skirlaugh District, Yorks. Married 1887, Bedford District to SARAH BEATRICE BURNETT c.1864-1919, born Burnham, Essex and died Ashby De La Zouch District, Leics. With his brother JOHN, he was a Director of Hollis Bros., Timber Merchants of Hull and Leicester, with THOMAS responsible for the Leicester operation. THOMAS & SARAH lived most of their lives at “Bancroft”, Kirby Muxloe, Leics.

THOMAS HOLLIS & SARAH BEATRICE BURNETT had the following children:
1H)      JOHN GORDON 1888-1918
2H)      ERIC CARRUTHERS 1889-
3H)      HENRY CLIVE BURNETT 1891-1942
4H       THOMAS GEOFFREY 1893-1952

4C)      JOHN HOLLIS, born 1855 at Cottesmore and died 1949 at Holderness District, Yorks. Married in 1884 at Melton Mowbray, Leics. To MARY ELIZABETH TWIDALE c.1858-1926, born Melton Mowbray and died Skirlaugh District, Yorks. JOHN, with his brother THOMAS was a Director of Hollis Bros., Timber Merchants and had particular responsibility for their Company in Hull.#
JOHN married for a second time in 1931 at Knaresborough District, Yorks. to ANNIE ASHBY ARNEIL (nee TWIDALE) c.1859-1933. ANNIE was the sister to JOHN’s first wife. ANNIE’s first marriage was to JAMES A. ARNEIL c.1885-                    .  He was born in Glasgow and was a Fire Insurance Surveyor.

5C)      MARY CHRISTIAN HOLLIS, born 1857 at Cottesmore and died in 1934 at Cottesmore. Married in 1882 at Cottesmore to JOSEPH BOWYER MARRIOTT, c.1857-1919, born Milton, Northants. And died Cottesmore in 1919. JOSEPH was a Farmer & Grazier.

6C)      HEDLEY HOLLIS, born 1859 at Cottesmore. Date and place of death unknown. The 1881 Census of South Leith, Scotland shows HEDLEY as 22 years, unmarried, Soldier.

7C)      ANNIE HOLLIS, born 1861 at Cottesmore and died in 1945 at Cottesmore. Married in 1895 at Cottesmore to FREDERICK WILLIAM THOMPSON, c.1854-1918 of Manchester. He died in 1918 at Cottesmore. His occupation was a Textile Manufacturer’s Agent.

8C)      HELENA FANNY HOLLIS, born 1866 at Cottesmore and died 1952 at Worthing District, Sussex. Married ERNEST FLETCHER c.1867-1955, born Manchester and died Worthing District. The 1911 Census of The Firs, 31 Devonshire Rd., Stockport, Cheshire shows ERNEST as a Representative in the Bleaching Industry.

1D)      FREDERICK JOHN HOLLIS, born c.1859 at Norton, Derbys. and died in 1931 at Thrapston District, Northants. Married in 1890 at Thrpston District to ELIZA KATE HAZLEDINE, c.1868-1938, born Raunds, Northants. And died in Wellingborough District.
The 1911 Census of 20 Knightons Row, Raunds shows Frederick as a Grocery Povisions Commercial Traveller.


THOMAS LAMBERT HOLLIS, born c.1892 at Raunds, Northants who was a Baker/Confectioner. Married 1916 at Wellingborough, Northants. to POLLY WALKER, born c.1892 at Irthlingbrough, Northants.

2D)      ARTHUR WILLIAM HOLLIS, born 1860 at Norton, Derbys. Place and date of death unknown. Married in 1894 at Dorking District, Surrey to FANNY ELIZABETH SAUNDERS c.1865-1941, born London and died Hemel Hempstead District, Herts. The 1911 Census of the Temperance Hotel, Bramber, Sussex shows Arthur as a Private Hotel Keeper.

1J)       LILLY FLORENCE c.1895-
2J)       SIDNEY HAROLD c.1896-
3J)       DORA HARRIET c.1899-

3D)      FLORENCE ELIZA HOLLIS, born c.1862 at Norton, Derbys. and died in 1902 at Dorking District, Surrey. Married in 1893 at Thrapston District, Northants. to GEORGE LAXTON ROSE c.1862-1944, born Mickleham, Surrey c.1862 and died Lambeth District, London. GEORGE was a Grocer & Draper.

4D)      WILLIAM RICHARD HOLLIS, born c.1863 at Norton, Derbys. and died in 1957 at Weston Super Mare District, Somerset. Married in 1889 at at Axbridge District to MARY FRANCES CARPENTER c.1862-1937, born Bleadon, Somerset and died Weston Super Mare District. WILLIAM spent most of his working life in Old Weston and Kimbolton, Hunts. where he is described variously as a Grocer Draper and Wine Merchant; a Grocer Dealer.

1K)      WILFED ARTHUR c.1889-
2K)      DOROTHY MAY c.1891-
3K)      CICELY ALISON c.1902-1907
4K)      FRANCES FLORENCE c.1895-
5K)      KATHLEEN MARY c.1896-1919
6K)      ALAN JOHN c.1899-1940

1E)      BEATRICE ELIZABETH HOLLIS, born c.1874 at Cottesmore and died 1892 at Cottesmore. Married 1896 at Cottesmore to JIM SKIRTH c.1866-1931, born Braunston, Rutland and died at Oakham District. He was a Farmer of Home Farm, Burley, Rutland. JIM SKIRTH’s second marriage was in 1899 at Uppingham District to ANNIE AUGUSTA P. HERRING c.1874-1956, born Redbourne, Lincs. And died in 1956 at Oakham District.

2E)      MARIETTE HANNAH HOLLIS, born c.1877 at Cottesmore and died in 1962 at Oakham District. Married in 1902 at Cottesmore to CHARLES BRADLEY, c.1870-1925, born Newton, Yorks. and died Stamford District . He was a Farmer at Uffington, Lincs. and later at Southorpe, Lincs.


3E)      WILLIAM HENRY HOLLIS. Born c.1879 at Cottesmore and died in 1959 at Buckminster, Leics. Married in 1906 at Oundle District, Northants. to TERESA BRADLEY, c.1877-1966, born Newton, Yorks. and died Melton Mowbray District, Leics. In 1911, WILLIAM was a Farmer of Cottesmore Lodge and  a founder member of the Rutland Branch of the NFU.

WILLIAM HENRY HOLLIS & TERESA BRADLEY had the following children:
1L)      CECIL HENRY 1907-1997
2L)      BEATRICE 1908-2001
3L)      EVELYN MARY 1910-1910
4L)      JOHN THOMAS 1913-

4E)      HAROLD ARTHUR HOLLIS, born c.1882 at  Cottesmore and died in 1977 at Cottesmore, aged 95 years. Married in 1933 at Morcott, Rutland to ETHEL ANN TAYLOR c.1885-    , born Grantham. They lived at Red House, Cottesmore where HAROLD was a Farmer.

5E)      JOHN CECIL HOLLIS, born 1883 at Cottesmore and died in 1963 at Melton Mowbray District. Married 1918 at Cottesmore to DOROTHY HOLLIS MARRIOTT c.1890-1959, born Cottesmore and died Stamford District. At their marriage, JOHN is shown as a Farmer of Thistleton.

1M)     MARY 1919-
2M)     DOROTHY JOANNE 1920-
3M)     JOHN BOYER 1922-1989
4M)     HENRY c.1923-
5M)     THOMAS DENZILL 1929-

6E)      CHARLES HOLLIS, born c.1886 at Cottesmore. Married in 1914 at Melton Mowbray to CONSTANCE ANNIE BROWN, born c.1890 at Melton Mowbray. The 1911 Census of Cottesmore shows CHARLES as an Ironmonger.

1F)       WILLIAM LAXTON HOLLIS, born c.1878, Farcet, Hunts. and died 1930 at Biggleswade District, Beds.

2F)       MILDRED MARY HOLLIS, born c.1883, Farcet, Hunts.

3F)       JOHN HENRY HOLLIS, born c.1889, Farcet, Hunts.

4F)       HARRY WHITEHEAD HOLLIS, born c.1893, Farcet, Hunts. Married in 1915 at Thrapston District, Northants. to MAUD ANNIE RICHARDSON, born c.1915 at Over, Cambs.

1G)      WILLIAM ALFRED HOLLIS, born c.1883 at Greetham, Rutland. In 1911 he was lodging in Mansfield, Notts. and is shown as a Traveller Grocer.


2G)      ARCHIBALD HUGH HOLLIS, born c.1887 at Greetham, Rutland and died in 1948 at Whitby, Yorks. Married in 1922 at Keightly District, Yorks. to MARY JANE MAUD ALICE BIRTWHISTLE, c.1899-1942, born Manchester and died Scarborough District, Yorks. ARCHIBALD married for a second time in 1943 at Scarborough District to IVY JENNISON, born c.1891 at Bingley, Yorks. In 1911, ARCHIBALD was an Assistant Butcher in Skegness, Lincs.

1H)      JOHN GORDON HOLLIS, born c.1888 at Leicester and died in 1918 (WW1).
Before joining the Army, he was a Timber Trade Clerk in the family business at Hull, Yorks.
As a Temporary Lt., 7th Battalion, Leics. Regt. was killed in action during the first phase of the Battle of the Somme on 17 July, 1918, aged 27yrs.

2H)      ERIC CARRUTHERS HOLLIS, born c.1889 in Leicester. In 1911 was a Commercial Traveller in the family Timber Company.

3H)      HENRY CLIVE BURNETT HOLLIS, born 1891 at Kirby Muxloe, Leics. In 1911 is shown as a Timber Trade Manager in Leicester.

4H)      THOMAS GEOFFREY HOLLIS, born c.1893 at Kirby Muxloe, Leics. and died in 1952 in the Hampsted District, London. Married in 1919 to ELSIE RAINE, born c.1893 at Hull, at Christchurch District, Hants. In 1911 THOMAS was a Timber Trade Clerk in the family business.

1Q)      JOHN G.T. HOLLIS c.1920-

1J)       LILLY FLORENCE HOLLIS, born c.1895, Raunds, Northants.

2J)       SIDNEY HAROLD HOLLIS, born c.1896, Raunds, Northants.

3J)       DORA HARRIET HOLLIS, born c.1899, Raunds, Northants.

4J)       WINIFRED ANNIE ROBERTA HOLLIS, born c.1900,  Raunds, Northants.

1K)      WILFRED ARTHUR HOLLIS, born c.1889, Raunds, Northants.

2K)      DOROTHY MAY HOLLIS, born c.1891, Old Weston, Hunts. In 1911 DOROTHY was a Shop Assistant in Kimbolton, Hunts.

3K)      CICELY ALISON HOLLIS, born c.1892, Old Weston, Hunts and died in 1907 at St. Neots District. Shown in the 1901 Census of High St., Kimbolton as being “Feeble minded from childhood”.

4K)      FRANCES FLORENCE HOLLIS, born c.1895, Kimbolton, Hunts.

5K)      KATHLEEN MARY HOLLIS, born c.1896, Kimbolton, Hunts. and died in 1919 at Warminster District, Wilts.


6K)      ALAN JOHN HOLLIS, born c.1899, Kimbolton, Hunts. and died 1940 at Weston Super Mare District, Somerset.

1L)      CECIL HENRY HOLLIS, born 1907 at Cottesmore Lodge and died in 1997 at Grantham Hospital. Married in 1938 at Skillington, Lincs. to EILEEN BETTY BRYAN 1913-2002, born Lyddington, Rutland and died Cottesmore. He took over Manor Farm from his grandfather in 1937. He served for 50 years with the NFU and for 39 years on the Board of Directors for the Central Woolgrowers. In 1958 he became a Local Magistrate and served on the Bench for 19 years. In 1966 he was awarded the OBE for his services to agriculture. He became a Parish Councillor and served for 42 years, 35 of which were as Chairman. CECIL retired from farming in 1977 and moved to a new bungalow at 19 The Leas, Cottesmore.

1N)      DAVID hollis CECIL 1950-


2L)      BEATRICE HOLLIS, born 1908 at Cottesmore and died in 2001 at Cottesmore, aged 103 years. Married in 1936 at Cottemore to ERIC THOMAS BRADLEY c.1905-1987, born Southorpe, Northants. and died Cottesmore. At marriage, ERIC is shown as a Farmer of Rippingale, Lincs. After marriage, farmed at Cottesmore.

3L)      EVELYN MARY HOLLIS, born and died 1910 at Cottesmore, aged 1 month.

4L)      JOHN THOMAS HOLLIS, born c.1913 at Oakham District. Married 1935 at Uppingham District to MAHALA E. TYLER, born c.1912 at Morcott, Rutland. JOHN was a Corn Merchant and resides at Brant Broughton, Lincs.

JOHN THOMAS HOLLIS & MAHALA E, TYLER had the following children:
JILLIAN A. HOLLIS, born c.1943 Lincoln District
ELIZABETH D. HOLLIS, born c.1946 Newark District, Notts.
JOHN ROGER HOLLIS, born c.1948 Newark District, Notts.

1M)     BARBARA MARY HOLLIS, born 1919 at Oakham. Married in 1940 at Oakham District to RAYMOND E.W. SAUNDERS, born c.1914 at Chesterton District, Cambs.

2M) DOROTHY JOANNE HOLLIS, born 1920 at Oakham. Married HENRY C. PARKER in 1959 at Oakham District.

3M) JOHN BOWYER HOLLIS, born1922 at Oakham and died 1989 at Ashwell, Rutland. Married in 1951 to ELIZABETH M. TURNBULL. JOHN was a Corn Merchant and resides in Langham.

4M)     HENRY HOLLIS, born 1923 at Oakham. Married in 1953 at Portsmouth District to PAULINE ANASTASIA CROSSE, born 1927 at Tipperary, Ireland and died in 2001. HENRY is a Medical Practitioner and resides in Melton Mowbray.

JOHN N. HOLLIS, born c.1955 in Surrey
ANDREW C.P. HOLLIS, born c.1960 in Melton Mowbray District.

5M)     THOMAS DENZIL HOLLIS, born c.1929 in Oakham. Married in 1974 at Chipping Norton, Oxon. to ANNUNZIATA GARCIA MORALES, born in 1934 at Seville, Spain. THOMAS is a Farmer/Blacksmith and resides in Stibbington, Cambs.


1N)      DAVID CECIL HOLLIS, born 1950 and baptized in 1951 at Cottesmore. Married in 1974 at Cottesmore to ZOE MARY NEEDHAM, born 1954 at Oakham. At marriage, DAVID is shown as a Farmer of Manor Farm and ZOE a Dental Assistant of Holme Farm, Cottesmore. DAVID continues to farm in Cottesmore and resides at The Roost, 49 Main St. He is a County and Parish Councillor.

DAVID CECIL HOLLIS & ZOE MARY NEEDHAM have the following children:
1P)       BEN WILLIAM 1976-
2P)       KATIE JANE 1978-
3P)       JULIA LOUISE 1982-

2N)      CLAIRE ELIZABETH HOLLIS, born 1952 and baptised in 1953 at Cottesmore. Married in 1981 at Peterborough to ROBIN COLTON, born c.1958 at Peterborough. Divorced. CLAIRE resides at 19 The Leas, Cottesmore.

1P)       BEN WILLIAM HOLLIS, born 1976 at Oakham. Married in 2007 at Wittering, Northants. to CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH DUNLOP, born in 1979 at Wittering. They reside at Manor Farm, Cottesmore where BEN is a Farmer and CHARLOTTE runs Manor Farm Livery Centre.

2P)       KATIE JANE HOLLIS, born 1978 at Oakham.

3P)       JULIA LOUISE HOLLIS, born 1982 at Cottesmore. Married 2009 at Cottesmore to MARK ROBERT SMITH, born c.1978 at Coventry. At marriage, MARK shown as a Plasterer and JULIA a Forensic Scene Manager.

1Q)      JOHN G.T. HOLLIS, born c.1920 at Basford District, Notts. Married in 1948 at Kensington District, London to JACQUELINE M.G, MILLS.

JOHN G.T. HOLLIS & JACQUELINE M.G. MILLS have two children:
JONATHAN W. HOLLIS, born c.1950 at Hampstead District, London
PAUL A. HOLLIS, born c.1952 at Hampstead District, London

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