In 1948 the first school on the RAF Camp known as the Aerodrome Primary School, was opened. Initially they were to use two nissen huts that had been built in 1944. Some 6 years later this had grown to three nissan huts. In 1948 the highest number on role was 82 pupils and the lowest 35, by 1952 this had risen to 108 and 53 respectively. At the same time some of the children were going to the village school in the Leas. In 1953 Sir Henry (of Tate and Lyle) who was joint master of the Cottesmore Hunt visited the school and at a subsequent date took them to see the hound at the then Ashwell Kennels.

The first headmaster was Mr Ferguson accompanied by his wife, who was one of the teachers. Soon after, they left to go to Edith Western to be replaced by Mrs and Mrs Roope, taking up the same posts. They were to remain there for the next 20 years

In 1954 the H.M. Inspectors reported favourably on the school and pointed out some of the difficulties that were inherent in their situation. Namely, that on average the pupils had attended 5 schools by the time they were ten years old due to the new postings of the airmen. Clearly the building had a number of inadequacies and by 1954 there were moves afoot to build a new school. In November 1956 the management committee of the school passed plans for a new school which were then forwarded to the Education Authority. The new school was opened in 1958 and named the Cottesmore Primary School. This caused some consternation for the Village School which had the same name.