With its long history even a small village such as Cottesmore can produce remarkable people. Here are a few 'sons and daughters' of Cottesmore.

Janet Erskine Stuart

Born a village girl in 1857, daughter of the local rector, she grew up to be one of the most influential women in the Roman Catholic Church. As Mother Stuart she became head of the Society of the Sacred Heart for the whole world and instigated the formation of schools and convents in every part of the Globe. She died in 1914 at the outbreak of the First World War and is buried in Roehampton. 2014 will be the 100th anniversary of her death and there is to be a pilgrimage to Cottesmore to mark the event. Read more >>

Richard Westbrook Baker

Althsough not born in Cottesmore, Richard Westbrook Baker spent most of his working life here being the Estate Manager for Lord Gainsborough. He was to bring fundamental changes to farming in England including husbandry and ploughing techniques. He helped form a mutual society for the ordinary many and provided the first allotment system for the villages. He went on, with his son to build a brewery in Langham which was to become Ruddles. Read more >>

Alfred Cattell

Who would have thought that the son of a village school master from Cottesmore would play rugby, and although an Englishman he played for Wales in their first game against Scotland in Edinburgh in 1882. Become a director of Sheffield United football club and even Lord Mayor of Sheffield not a bad achievement for a village boy. Read More >>

Hollis Family

The Hollis family have lived in the village for many generations. They have farmed on the Exton Estates for over 150 years and the farm is still in the village at Manor Farm. They were also builders having built Hambleton Hall and the Oakham Post Office (not the current one) They played their part in the community, being involved at both county and parish level as well as being on various organisations. Below we can follow the family tree over that period and see the many strands. Read more >>