The People of Cottesmore

Janet Erskine Stuart 1857-1914

In November 1857 a new baby, Janet Erskine Stuart, was born at the Rectory in Cottesmore, the thirteenth child of the Rev the Hon. Andrew Stuart. Her mother was his second wife Mary Penelope Noel, a close relative of Lord Gainsborough. One of Janet's brothers was to become the sixth Earl of Castle Stewart. However Janet was destined to greater fame and influence in another realm. As a child she lived in a privileged household and travelled in Europe and over the years had both Swiss and German governesses.

As a young girl she moved away from the Church of England and by the age of 22 had become a catholic soon to become a nun in the Society of the Sacred Heart at Roehampton. It was here that her immense talents were recognised and she soon became the assistant to the Mother Superior Reverend Mother Digby. In a few years she had written a number of books, mainly on education, and on the election of Mother Digby to Superior General in Belgium she became the Mother Superior at Roehampton.


With Mother Digby she travelled to Canada and the USA and her talents were recognised all over the world. On the death of Mother Digby in 1911 Mother Janet became the Superior General, the head of the whole Society of the Sacred Heart. Again Janet Stuart travelled the world but this time as the head of the Sacred Heart. All over the world you can see the remains of her work with schools and convents formed in every continent. She died in 1914 and is buried in Roehampton. One sad feature of her life was when she became a Roman Catholic she was no longer welcome to stay at the Rectory and never did.

A remarkable woman who led a remarkable life during remarkable times. A girl from a small village in a small county who was to encompass the world with her teachings and devotion, a lady who changes the